My Wandering Musings

Edam, Holland travel writing

Poems, essays, and personal reflections.


On the road and off.

Suddenly I notice a soft beam coming out of the middle of the sunrise. Like a searchlight announcing my arrival it heralds in the dawn.


The pink is rich and full of citrus while it fades into dusty purple paint strokes at the edges. The wispy clouds are bright pink against the light blue sky that is slowly brightening every minute. Moments like these breath. They pulse and evolve. This one is a sweeping love story between the sun and sky. It is a love affair that has grown fonder after an eternal night. The sky is softened and blushes as the sun places golden kisses from the base of the sky’s soul, all the way up, till the two shine in tandem.


Maybe i’ll keep drifting,

From hand to hand.

Constantly shifting,

From land to land.

When a heart opens wide,

I may fall inside,

And when a place feels like home,

I may buy a phone.

But till then, i’ll just drift–

Softly slip, drip and sift

Through life.

Take a sip!

You may faithfully trip.

Parisian Sunrise

I feel again.

It’s frolicking and fluttering 

Through the fields of my core.

It’s brightening the colors

That seep into my gleaming eyes.

The royal sunset bids us goodbye,

And the full moon hangs with conviction in the open sky.

Cheers, London…

Bonjour, Paris!



I want to wrap myself in the colors of Venetian villas

So when i’m old, and my bricks show through…

The world will know my story. 

A golden sphere,

Melting into a pool of soft pink over the dusty indigo mountains and the clay topped city of firenza.

The peace I feel is overwhelming. 


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