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Finally Sprouting

It’s been almost a year since my last post. During this time, I have been learning, living, swimming, hiking, traveling, working, nesting and most importantly, falling in love–leaving little time for writing about it all. However, I am reviving this blog with fervor starting today because I have a new dream. I am going to be a travel writer.

I look at the only thing that has stayed steady throughout my many career infatuations and hobbies. Traveling has been my passion since I was very young. My idea of a savings account has always been a “next trip” saving frenzy. And with every adventure, I have written journals filled with insights and sketches, but for no audience! I have a little chest in my room that looks as if it contains a million old love letters or sunken pirate treasure. Inside are over 13 journals filled to the brim with my thoughts throughout time and space. I never considered that being a writer or journalist was an option for me, because it wasn’t what I studied in college. But day by day I realize the limitations we place on ourselves are the only chains that bind us. There are a million paths to self-fullfillment, but they all start with our own state of mind. So this blog as my witness, I will embark on this journey of travel writing without worry or fear for what may or may not come of it! I have already enrolled in MatadorU, and online course with professional writers editing each piece and weekly lesson. So far it is very inspiring! Anyone who is reading this can help by getting more and more people to follow my blog! An online presence can really make a difference these days.

Living In Paradise

Honolulu measured by a rainbow

Honolulu measured by a rainbow

This past year I have been growing. I have been shooting through the volcanic soil, spoiled by the tropical sun and the mountain rain, I now have a bed to call my own and fruits to show for it. However, living in Hawaii is very strange, and I know that it would take a long time to call this magical island my own. The truth is that goodbye parties are as common as birthdays here. This is a transient place where people come and go like the Kona winds. I see this as an unhealthy structure for a community and culture, especially one so sacred and endangered. With 3.4 million visitors throughout 2013, it isn’t a surprise that tourism is the biggest single contributor to Hawaii’s gross domestic product. It is a shame though to see small towns like Kailua (where I currently live) expanding to a point where the roads can no longer support the hundreds of cars sitting in line to get two miles into the center of town for some groceries.

And yet even as I write this, I know in my heart that this paradise isn’t a sustainable home for me and I can imagine moving in a couple of years. I am part of the problem, and that makes me even more eager to leave in the future. The problem is that people come here for a couple years to “find themselves” on the sunny beaches and don’t participate in the local culture or give back to the community. They are, in my opinion, taking advantage of the Aloha spirit and crowding the already overcrowded islands. I am trying to do my best, and I find that the local food community is the best way for me to stay involved. My friends at Green Rows Farm help integrate and educate people while also producing delicious organic vegetables and free range eggs. In Hawaii, where so much is imported, I find it very important to eat locally as often as possible.

It can feel very isolating to live on an island. Sometimes when life gets hard I sit at the edge of the island and zoom out like I was on google earth. I see my house get smaller and smaller and the jagged edges of beaches get fuzzier as the island’s shape takes form below me. As it looks more and more like a green stone in a river, the other neighboring islands pop into view, seemingly a short swim away. The iconic island chain’s shape bends in its small section of the pacific ocean until it fades away to six small dots and the expanse of ocean begins. Thousands of miles of blue. Hawaii is in fact the most isolated land mass on planet earth. A small little group of rocks standing strong in the middle of the pacific. Even when the west coast comes into view, I have to expand further to see my old home on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. It definitely thrills and chills me.

That being said, something definitely changes in me when I feel this far away. The craziness of the big world is so distant that I begin focusing in on what actually matters to my soul. Life is simpler…Which I love. People are focused on pleasure and adventure. Life here doesn’t gush like in New York City, it trickles. And I have been sitting under that little waterfall for the past year feeling refreshed and amazed and frankly spellbound by the beauty at my fingertips.

And on that note, aloha. From now on stay tuned for new articles that will focus more on travel writing!! If you haven’t officially followed me, DO IT! I promise to keep you entertained. Click on the link to the right that says “Follow Me” and you will be added to the mailing list. Also check out the other links of my poems and pictures!

Literally a short barefoot walk from my house. I feel so blessed...

Literally a short barefoot walk from my house. I feel so blessed…



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