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The Beginning!!!


Time is a fickle thing.

I find it crazy how much we build up the future, fear for it, worry and wonder about it…and then before we know it, that future is our day-to-day and it somehow is perfect! And I mean perfect in an “imperfect” big picture way :) 

In short…

ALOHA, I’M HERE!!!!!!! 

I arrived with no sleep and snow soaked shoes. Before I knew it, the warm breeze was smoothing my plane-wrinkled clothes and the next day the salt water was sparkling my tired eyes. The family that I am staying with is wonderful. Neither of us knew each other or what to expect, but so far I fit into the hectic bustle of a beach house under renovation, filled with three little sandy-topped children. Today I spent my first day with little Louisa. Luckily she seems to like me even through the haze of her bossy “terrible twos.” Her big blue eyes soak up everything that I put in front of her–it is an incredible gift and responsibility. I am taking this job very seriously and want nothing more than to have a positive impact on these children. Our day included…



  • An invigorating morning soccer game. Me against Louisa, “baby” and “baby #2.” I lost, but hey! They clearly had an unfair advantage.
  • Art time outside in the sun! We like to save the whales and use our hands and feet instead of paintbrushes. And arms…and hair…
  • Bath time obviously followed. 
  • Overdose on bubbles required a three hour nap. Time to relax :)
  • Then we finished our fun day making PB&J Handprint Oatmeal Cookies. 


My favorite part of the day though was definitely riding my bike down to Lanikai Beach and doing yoga by edge of the water as the sun set into the crystal blue green. All I could see was a spectrum of pinks, blues, and purples. All I could hear was the lapping of the waves against the shore. All I could feel was utter contentment and peace. 

Who said that you don’t deserve?

Who told you not to desire?

Who told you that you can’t love 

to let this life take you higher?

Look into the water,

The culprit might be you.

Or maybe it’s a martyr,

Look twice into the blue.  



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