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There are hours when every thing creaks
when chairs stretch their arms, tables their legs
and closets crack their backs, incautiously

Fed up with the polite fantasy
of having to stay in one place
and stick to their stations

Humans too, at work, or in love
know such aches and growing pains
when inner furnishings defiantly shift

As decisively, and imperceptibly, as a continent
some thing will stretch, croak or come undone
so that everything else must be reconsidered

One restless dawn, unable to suppress the itch
of wanderlust, with a heavy door left ajar
semi-deliberately, and a new light teasing in

Some piece of immobility will finally quit
suddenly nimble on wooden limbs
as fast as a horse, fleeing the stable.

~ Yahia Lababidi

 When I studied this poem in school, it was just one of the many rungs in the ladder towards changing the course of my life. It settled in the pit of my stomach and then sat comfortably in the back of my brain as I wandered aimlessly through the lackluster halls of my college. This wasn’t where I was meant to be… I realized that no one can tell you where you are supposed to be, not even yourself! You can’t just follow your high school peers, your teachers, society, media, or even your parents–nobody truly knows what is “best” for you. There are many roads that lead to fulfillment and happiness, but they all start in one place: your heart. If you stay true to that footing you are bound to keep your balance and stumble upon all of the miracles you never knew you were dreaming of. So I begin my journey with four months in Oahu, Hawaii. I will care for three beautiful kids, walk five minutes to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, write lots of music on my Ukulele, and attend a yoga/music/surfing festival called…Wanderlust. :) Follow my blog to go on this journey with me!!! (add your email to the “Follow Me” link on the right).


Lanikai Beach, Kailua
I’ll be spending a lot of time at this heaven on earth…


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